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Next Art Star Will Be You! Online Applications Open Aug. 10th to Sep.21th for Next Art Tainan 2021.

Cultural Affairs Bureau of Tainan City Government has issued the Call for Entries for Next Art Tainan 2021. Online applications will be accepted from August 10th to September 21th, 5:30pm. All domestic artists are invited to participate in this grand events to earn the opportunity for a month exhibition at Tainan art galleries and participation of the Art Tainan exposition and the 2021 Artists-in-Residence Program.


Next Art Tainan has been shining for seven consecutive years and has so far nurtured 111 artists and art groups. The exhibition of Next Art Tainan 2020, under the name of ”UNEVEN PARALLEL”, congregated 10 previous award winners and 10 domestic and international well-known artists to demonstrate their expressive and impulsive works - all of the stunning collections can also be flipped through on the official website of Next Art Tainan.


Hsu Ting, one of the winners of the “Next Art Tainan 2019” award, said, "Next Art Tainan is such an experience of self-training. This means more than an award to me because it develops plenty of possibilities. After graduating from MA overseas, I got back to Taiwan and it was grateful having this opportunity to display my artwork. Moreover, I have been starting the cooperation with art gallery such as the exhibition with TSONG Pu. For younger artists, Next Art Tainan is absolutely a great opportunity to apply and prove yourself."

The director of Cultural Affairs Bureau indicated that Next Art Tainan adjusts the recruitment and curatorial plans every year in accordance with the pulse of domestic art development. More specifically, Professor Chieh-Hsiang, Wu, associate professor of National Changhua University of Education, are invited to serve as the annual curator this year. Professor Wu who is an art expert has rich experience in exploring and reviewing arts, and also makes efforts to research how can art integrate into society. It is foreseeable that Next Art Tainan 2021 will become an important event in the contemporary visual art in Taiwan.


The applicative qualifications of Next Art Tainan 2021 are as follows:

l   A person who was born after January, 1979.

l   Having no gallery exclusive brokerage contract.

l   Having the nationality of the Republic of China or a legal residency permit.


We hope to bring out more creative young artists to join in the Next Art Tainan 2021. For details of Next Art Tainan 2021, please visit the official website and the Next Art Tainan Facebook


Organizer: Arts Development Division, Tainan Cultural Affairs Bureau

Contact: Chu, Shao-Tsai

Tel: 06-2991111#1443