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Swinging With The Art Grand Opening of the 2020 Taikang Culture Season
2020 Taikang Culture Season
Taikang Cultural Center officially opened on April 13th, 2019. It is the first “three-in-one” cultural center in the country that functions as a performance hall, a library, and a community university at the same time. It is also the first cultural facility in Taiwan established in response to the call of local communities, educators, and temple committees through a bottom-up process.

The 2020 annual theme of Taikang Cultural Center is "Taikang Celebrates Anniversary by Swinging With The Art", marking the one year anniversary since its opening. We invite people to celebrate the anniversary through a variety of events including an outdoor play for children, theater performances, library activities, "Haijiang back to Taikang" workshop and exhibition, Taikang Community University music salon, and community concerts. The mission of the Taikang Cultural Center will be further promoted through deeper understanding of the local culture by the participants and residents.

In preparation for the operation of the Taikang Cultural Center, the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Tainan City Government has organized the "Taikang Cultural Season" activities since 2010 in collaboration with the Tainan City Community University, Haiwei Dynasty Palace, Taikang Cultural Promotion Association, major temples in the 27 villages of the Taikang region, primary and secondary schools in Annan District and other local educational and cultural groups. One of such activity is the DaDaoGong Parade held by local residents in March. After ten years, the Taikang Cultural Season has become the signature annual arts and culture event in the Annan District.

Entering the 11th anniversary, some activities were carried out by live broadcast or held at a smaller scale and the main activities were postponed until summer due to the impact of the COVID-19. The Taikang Cultural Season will reopen as COVID-19 is now under control in the region. The Taiwan Bangzi Opera Company will perform "Try wife! Kill wife!” on 7/18 & 19. The play is an experimental innovation combining the traditional drama "Chopping up the coffin" and Gao Xingjian's new play "Underworld". During 7/31-8/2, "Life of Employee 3" will be performed by the Face White Big Husband (@FunnyNoProblem) troupe, which is popular among the youth. The play invites the audience to enter a world of laughter in the form of comic dialogue and short plays.

To encourage more people to participate the Taikang Cultural Season, outdoor thematic activities are also planned. Swing Taiwan will bring people the experience of 1920’s swing dance on 7/25 (Sat.) 7 pm at Taikang Theatre Hall Dance Floor, suitable for all ages. Come dance for free!

The domestic well-known children's troupe, the Puppet Beings Theatre will perform the "Twelve Zodiac Win the Number One" on 8/15 (Sat.) 19:30 at the outdoor square of the Taikang Cultural Center. The actors will use bottles, cans, pots, pans, and all kinds of items to depict the animals and characters in a very special story about the twelve zodiac.

If you don't want to spend too much time sitting in the theater, you can choose to come to a short play, "Taikang Next SuperStar" planned by the Tainan People's troupes. Four new troupes will perform a 30-minute mini-drama in the evening on 8/21 (Fri.) and 8/22 (Sat.) in the cultural center's various special spaces. The audience will have a very different experience from the general theater performance. The small plays welcome audience of all ages. On the same day, there will be an evening market from 6 to 9 pm in the outdoor square. People can enjoy the summer evening wind, shopping, and eating snacks and experience the traditional culture of Tainan.

With the goal of promoting local theatres, the Taikang Cultural Center provides residents of the coastal region of Tainan with the opportunity to get up close and personal with different forms of arts and cultural performances. The 2020 Taikang Cultural Season will be a wonderful family-friendly event during the summer vacation. People can walk around the Taikang Cultural Center, take beautiful pictures, dance, see a good play, visit the market, and experience the beauty of the diverse arts and culture in Taikang.

Posted: 2020-07-27
Source: Yonghua Cultural Center Management Division, Wu Nianen(吳念恩)
Tel: 06-2558136 ext.101