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Prevent Epidemic Without Stopping Reading
To support reading under the coronavirus pandemic, corporations in Tainan donated book sterilizers to Tainan Public Libraries to help readers against disease.

In the ceremony held at Sinying Cultural Center on April 17, Mayor Huang Wei-cher presented certificates of appreciation to DEPO Auto Parts and Catcher Technology in recognition of their generous donation of seven book sterilizers to Tainan Public Libraries. The sterilizers will be installed in Sinying Cultural Center, Taikang Cultural Center, Annan Library, Sishu Library, Sinying Library, Dongshan Library and Rende Library for citizens to use.

To avoid spreading illness, the library had also implemented prevention policies such as real name registration, temperature taking while entering, and mask wearing while staying indoor. Besides, the library raised the ebook reading quota from 60 to 70 books a year for every reader to encourage them to read online. Also, the library provided book delivery services to assigned convenient stores or directly to readers’home. And the library would extend loan period and remit overdue penalty for those who were under self-isolation or home quarantine, supporting patrons to read at ease.