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Salute to the Theatre—Tainan Cultural Center Published a Picture Book to Tell Its Story!
The Director-general Yeh Tse-shan(葉澤山) highly valued this book.
The authors and the Director-general: (from left) Tseng Yi-jen(曾怡甄), Chang Jui-feng(張瑞峰), Chang Ching-yuan(張瀞元), The Director-general Yeh Tse-shan(葉澤山), Tsao Ting-ting(曹婷婷), Fang Min-hua(方敏華), Lu Song-ying(呂松穎).
To celebrate Tainan Cultural Center's 35th Anniversary, Cultural Affairs Bureau of Tainan City Government spent almost one year to prepare and edit a picture book named "Salute to the Theatre (敬劇場)" to share its story with readers.
Tainan Cultural Center was established in 1984. To celebrate its 35th anniversary, Cultural Affairs Bureau invited the video worker Tseng Yi-jen(曾怡甄), the writer Tsao Ting-ting(曹婷婷), illustrators Chang Ching-yuan(張瀞元) and Chang Jui-feng(張瑞峰) to cooperate with the staff of Tainan Cultural Center. This book introduces the different kinds of arts and different venues and equipment by creating an adventure story of a boy in Tainan Cultural Center.
At the press conference of this book publishing on January 10th, the Director-general Yeh Tse-shan(葉澤山) highly valued this book and its educational meaning. The Chief of Tainan Cultural Center Fang Min-hua(方敏華) said, "this book tries to invite readers to open it, to know its past, to be a part of its present, and to imagine its future."
This book was published in Chinese version and English version at the same time. Tainan Cultural Affairs Bureau will send it to join in some international book fairs and competitions to share the cultural achievement of Tainan with more countries.

Posted: 2020-01-22
Source: Yonghua Cultural Center Management Division, Lu Song-ying(呂松穎)
Tel: 06-2692864 ext.500