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The Application for 21st Conference of APBDA 2020 Tainan, Taiwan and the 6th Wind Band Arts Festival is from now on!
APBDA 2020 Tainan
The 21st Conference of Asia and Pacific Band Directors’ Association (APBDA) will be held from July 11th to July 19th. The 15th Conference has been held by Tainan City in 2008. It is a great honor for Tainan to get an opportunity to be the host again. The event will include opening ceremony by marching band and transformation performance, band exchange concert, marathon concert, Tainan international wind band competition, and many other activities.

The Application for 21st Conference of APBDA is from now on! We welcome all wonderful wind bands in Taiwan to come and join our event. The Deadline of application is on February 27th. Please click the link for downloading the application form: