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Conservation and Reborn: a new paradigm protecting Koji Pottery in Tainan
Koji Pottery is a common decorative art on temple roofs and walls in Taiwan. In Ci-Ji Temple in Xue Jia District, there are more than 200 pieces of Koji pottery work, which were designated as general antiquities including six pieces of national treasures. These high-quality works were made by Ye Wang In the year 1860, who is known as the pioneer of Koji Pottery in Taiwan.

In order to further understand the materials of the Koji Pottery and establish the national treasure information data, Tainan Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage took the lead in launching the inspection and restoration plan. Six national treasures and three general antiquities were selected as the targets. And the Tainan National University of the Arts was commissioned to perform scientific inspections, records, and research.

This case carried out a number of scientific testing projects including visible light, infrared, X-ray photography, thermal analysis, etc. With the help of scientific instruments, the researchers set up complete records for six precious national treasures and see more about the master's skills.

One of the masterpieces was selected for desalination and emergency repairs because of severe deterioration, called "half-length lady". After the restoration, the sculpture reappeared the original style with a beautiful face.

"Her gentle smile looks like Mona Lisa." the conservator said.