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Song of Twelve-Dish Bando Party
2019 Song of Twelve-Dish Bando Party(十二碗菜歌)  Poster
“Song of Twelve-Dish Bando Party(十二碗菜歌)” performed at the plaza of Madou Dai Tian Temple(麻豆代天府) on November 17th, 2019
“Bring the Art to Your Community(藝術進區),” a program laid out by Cultural Affairs Bureau of Tainan City Government, offers various performances, including music, drama, dance, and traditional opera, to spread art to different districts, especially the remote areas.

“Song of Twelve-Dish Bando Party(十二碗菜歌)” is the 19th performance of “Bring the Art to Your Community(藝術進區)” and the 5th play of “FormosART(藝術出走)” program of National Theater and Concert Hall(NTCH, 兩廳院). In 2015, NTCH announced “FormosART” program which gathers drama groups to put on musical shows with Taiwanese Bando party on a national charitable tour. With private companies as sponsors, this program lasts five years and has captivated over three thousand audiences.

This year, the artist-in-residence of NTCH, Fan Chung-Chi (樊宗錡), directs the NTCH production of “Song of Twelve-Dish Bando Party,” featuring the famous Taiwanese actor, Yong Lea. “Song of Twelve-Dish Bando Party” is a musical combining Taiwanese song and Bando party. It tells about the complex relationship between Bando chef and his son and discusses the retention and fading of memories. Come to watch how the chef connects the delicious dishes and lively musical, and enjoy the Taiwanese cuisine. On November 17th, 2019, “Song of Twelve-Dish Bando Party” was performed at the plaza of Madou Dai Tian Temple(麻豆代天府). About 2,000 people joined this performance and were impressed by this special musical.

“Bring the Art to Your Community”will continue to November 30th. Find more information on our Facebook Page (

Posted: 2019-11-20
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