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Latest News
The Artist-In-Residence Program in Taikang Cultural Center
The Artist-In-Residence Program proposed by Taiwan Ministry of Culture has successfully matched two performing art groups, Resident Island Dance Theatre and Lais Creative Dance Theater, to create art works at Taikang Cultural Center.

The core concept of Resident Island Dance Theatre is to cultivate young creators in the southern Taiwan. 《Taikang Isolate Island》, the performance including four contemporary dancing works created by young choreographers, performed on 5th October and 6th October at Taikang Cultural Center.

Lais Creative Dance Theater presents the new work 《Stranger》 cooperating with dancers in southern Taiwan will show on 18th October and 19th October. Different from before, Lais Creative Dance Theater brings the show from southern Taiwan back to the northern place and performs at Shulin Art Center. The performance shows the achievement of the group, and it also provides a great opportunity for local artists to show their talents and efforts.

The Artist-In-Residence Program in Taikang Cultural Center enhances the art experience exchange between the artists and audiences. These two art groups promote the dance arts through multiple wonderful works. They make lots of efforts to enrich the audience’s taste of art, and highlight the important role of the cultural building.

Event:The Artist-In-Residence Program
Time:April to December ,2019
Venue:Taikang Cultural Center