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Tainan Cultural Center 35th Anniversary Featured Movies
Fellow Citizen Friends, how long have you not been to the theater? Do you remember the performances you had seen at the Tainan Cultural Center? In 2019, the Tainan Cultural Center was 35 years old. To celebrate the old memories and the youth times, we will lead new, old friends and the children together into the theater world of the Tainan Cultural Center.

This year is the Tainan Cultural Center's 35th anniversary. The main idea is "Salute to the Theater" to gather together to share the delight, unpleasantness, sorrow, and happiness. We use laughter, tears and applause to pay tribute to the youthful theater time. During the festival, in October and November, in the morning and afternoon every weekend at the Art Salon, we will plan a series of exciting videos that have been staged at the Cultural Center, so that the participating friends can immerse themselves in the theater atmosphere during watching these excellent films, such as Performance Workshop, Cloud Gate Dance Theater and etc.. Open the senses of imagination through various intellectual arts activities.