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Samuel Seger solo exhibition: Wall in the orchard @ Siao-Long Cultural Park, free admission
Wall in the Orchard

Venue: Siao-Long Cultural Park, A4-2 Gallery
Date: 12 September to 20 October

“Wall in the Orchard" could be read as a solid poem.

The artist Samuel Seger used found objects and casting technique to produce his new sculpture series. The sculptures, composed of plastic baskets and concrete casts of profiled walling sheets, occupy the exhibition venue. While the plastic baskets merge into the concrete, the weight of the concrete slabs forces them into a certain position. These alterations reveal the formal qualities and the narrative potential of the found objects and the performativity of the artist's intervention.

During the residency stay, the artist collected different plastic baskets from markets in the Jiali area. Through constant use, these mass produced logistically purposed items become more and more individualized. Traces of time and usage create unique characteristics. Faded colors, bent or broken forms, attachments and marks applied by the owners.

By transforming and referencing two types of containers—for food and living space—the work wants to bring the topics of commercial use, mobility, boundaries and labor into discussion.

Samuel Seger
(b. 1982, Germany) lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

He obtained various grants and awards, including the Start Grant by the Federal Chancellery of Austria in 2018, the Honorary Prize by the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in 2016, the Lenikus Grant Vienna 2015, the Gottfried Brockmann Prize 2011 by the City of Kiel in Germany and an Artist Funding by the German Academic Scholarship Foundation from 2011 to 2015.

He currently teaches as a senior lecturer in the department for sculpture and space strategies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.