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Latest News
The Tainan Cultural Heritage Academy Contest
The Tainan Cultural Heritage Academy Contest will be held for the first time this year. Tainan Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage will prepare a pool of questions based on Tainan Art Museum’s collection, using materials from famous artists’ paintings, photography works, and past survey records to create a cultural heritage question bank that is suitable for parent-child learning. In addition to reflecting history in terms of aesthetics, the organizers also hope that the event’s attractiveness will shorten the distance between cultural heritage and the public.

The Cultural Heritage Academy will be launched in conjunction with the Cultural Assets Month in September. Teachers and students interested in the topic of cultural heritage will be recruited to participate in the reading activities and the contest. This is not just a way to enhance students' familiarity with surrounding cultural assets, but it is also a key step in implementing cultural heritage education into the campus.

Along with the arrival of the summer holiday, a pool of questions collected by the Tainan Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage is now available on the official website and Facebook page for free download. This year's question bank contains 200 questions covering the topics of both tangible and intangible cultural assets, as well as the Cultural Heritage Preservation Act. The goal is to allow contestants of the Cultural Heritage Academy to make the most of this summer holiday through self-study and to promote the awareness of cultural heritage to people of all ages through the teacher-student and parent-child learning approach. The organizers hope that the public will pick up some general knowledge about cultural heritage via this simple and cost-effective method.