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Latest News
Joint exhibition Everything has a Vortex soon opens on 23 August at Siao-long Cultural Park
2019 Siao-Long Artists-in-residence Exchange Program

Cooperation institute: COPE NYC, NY, USA
Opening: 23 Aug at 10:00
Venue: Siao-Long Cultural Park, A1 Gallery

Free admission

Everything Has a Vortex

Italian artist, Michela Martello, and Japanese artist, Shigeru Oyatani, now New York creatives, inspired by their common study of Tibetan Buddhism, are recreating the Mandala of the Vajra Dance with an installation at the Siao-Long Cultural Park.

Both artists express spiritual research in their art. The installation draws on local folk and contemporary culture with references to the native tribes of Taiwan, specific to Tainan area’s ritual activities.

A Mandala represents a symbolic way to link different traditions and cultures beyond barriers of time or education. This Mandala reflects on the idea of one’s inner balance in harmony with an external balance. Everything starts from a center, like a vortex that begins when the inner self is connected through the movement of body and mind.

The artists integrate the 5 elements of existence: fire, water, air, earth, and space with the mandala. Recreating the Mandala of the Vajra Dance will offer visitors the opportunity to participate in a dance called the Dance of the 6 Spaces. The artists will demonstrate the dance in which all participants can benefit without necessarily knowing or practicing Tibetan Buddhism. It is said that contact with this dance can open the path to samsaric liberation.