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Ah-Niu’s Ploughing Song
Ah-Niu’s Ploughing Song
Shiukim Taiwanese Opera Troupe, which was founded by Zhang Xiu-qin in 1986 and started out in outdoor folk opera, has been transformed into delicacy and innovation since their first performance in a contemporary theatre in 2000.

Ah-Niu’s Ploughing Song is based on the Taiwanese zhentou folk song Ploughing Song (Qigu Qingshan Temple’s version), which gives an explanation of the origin of xiangke (temple year) and zhentou (parade formation). When the xiangke is approaching, the main charater, Ar-Nui, has to get his family together to practice and rehearse the Ploughing Song, but his son Sambo runs away from home because he is unwilling to play the role of the “female lead.” The temple’s Ploughing Song performance now faces an unprecedented crisis. So, what should Ah-Niu do?

The troupe led by Xiu-qin shows the ability to meet high standard, vital and explosive power in performances, the evocative singing style, the sound basis in traditional techniques, and the flexibility to compose creative works while preserving traditional drama. Shiukim Taiwanese Opera Troupe will bring you an enjoyable experience of a mixture of traditional and contemporary theatres. Please come and join us to enjoy the wonderful performance! For more information about this concert, please visit the website:

Event:Ah-Niu’s Ploughing Song( 【阿牛弄牛犁】秀琴歌劇團 )
Time:19:30, Friday, August 30th, 2019
19:30, Saturday, August 31st, 2019
14:30, Sunday, September 1st, 2019
Venue:Taikang Cultural Center Theater(台江文化中心劇場)
Ticket price: 600/800/1000/1200