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NSO “Travel with Music”!
NSO “Travel with Music”!
To share the beauty and the touched tune of classical music with more people, National Symphony Orchestra (NSO) has planned the outdoor music project “NSO Outdoor Lecture Concert—Travel with Music” from 2017.

This Year, NSO will go on the project, bringing the new performance to these four cities: Hsinchu, Taoyuan , Pintong and Tainan. Through this project, they want to share the wonder of music to the every corner of Taiwan.

The concert starts from the relaxed lecture introducing the performers by the humorous host and to the performance of the wonderful music sections in live to make the audience feel like immersing into the music.

“NSO Outdoor Lecture Concert—Travel with Music” Project will hold at Holiday Plaza of Tainan Cultural Center, on 19:00, September 1st, 2019. Do not hesitate to come and join us to enjoy the wonderful performance!