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One Square Meter of the Universe: Frogs in a Treehouse Frog Photography Exhibition by Jasng Lin Taiwan’s Endemic Frog Species have landed at the Anping Tree House
Do you know that among the 36 frog species of Taiwan, only 14 of them are endemic to Taiwan? Do you know that the rarest protected species currently known in Taiwan is the Harpist frog (Babina okinavana)? The photography exhibition “One Square Meter of the Universe: Frogs in a Treehouse by Jasng Lin”, hosted by the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Tainan City Government, is set to open on July 6th (Saturday) at the Anping Tree House. Parents are welcome to bring their children to the event to learn more about the frogs of Taiwan, and reminisce about the sound of frogs croaking on a typical summer night.
The Cultural Affairs Bureau pointed out that apart from displaying the photos taken by the famous environmental photographer, Jasng Lin, this Exhibition is also set up with tropical plants and various types of frog calls. During the exhibition, there will also be symposiums dedicated to wild insect photography and frog conservation, as well as fan meetings of Tree House Frog , in addition to limited and exclusive frog merchandise. By hosting the Exhibition in the Anping Tree House, a special place renowned for its co-existence of people and nature, the Bureau hopes to introduce the importance of frogs in Taiwan’s ecological system and to highlight the issues of ecological conservation in Taiwan.
This Exhibition presents 52 brilliant frog photos taken by Jasng Lin, including the 36 frogs found in Taiwan, and the 12 frogs endemic to Taiwan. Among them, seven are listed as endangered and protected species. The must-see highlights of this Exhibition include the Orange Belly Tree Frog (Rhacophorus aurantiventris), the most mysterious and difficult-to-be-seen; the Harpist frog (Babina okinavana), the rarest endangered and protected frog species in Taiwan; and the adorable Eiffinger’s Tree Frog (Kurixalus eiffingeri).
Jasng Lin is a famous freelance environmental photographer who has started environmental photography and environmental education since 2003. In addition to books and images, his articles and photos are often published in photography magazines and shown at ecology-related collective photography exhibitions. After more than 10 years, he has continued to photograph nature and wildlife.
A friendly reminder: for those planning to visit the exhibition, you are welcome to take advantage of the “Tainan Historical Attractions Pass” launched by the Cultural Affairs Bureau. Apart from the current admission discounts and purchase discounts with the pass, new discounts include 25% off adult admission ticket to the Ten-drum Cultural and Creative Park, Zuojhen Fossil Museum, and Tainan Art Museum. The pass has no expiry date, so if you are unable to visit every attraction in one trip, you can always come again next time with the pass. For more information, please check out Tainan City Government’s website (

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