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We Are Young!--2019 16-Year-Old Festival
2019 16-Year-Old Festival
To celebrate its 5th anniversary, this year “the 16-Year-Old Festival(十六歲正青春藝術節)” will be quite different! Preserving the essence of Tainan’s renowned traditional cultural festival, the 16-year-old Coming of Age Ceremony(做十六歲), “the 16-Year-Old Festival” aspires to boost awareness of performing arts through promoting participation in art and cultural-related events; And in turn, making the performing arts experience a core curriculum for every cultural citizen of this wonderful city. Furthermore, we hope to cultivate adolescent’s capacity to appreciate art, in order to foster the growth of a new generation of audience. Through encouraging adolescents to watch, compose and even perform in plays, we hope to give them a chance to take part in the whole creative process.
We prepared a series of events as follows:

Event: Arts Enlightenment Lectures (少年十五二十時‧藝術啟蒙講座)
Time: Jul 13 (Sat.) 14:00/ Yang Nai-xuan(楊乃璇)/ Native Theatre
Time: Jul 27 (Sat.) 16:00/ Chen Nan-hong(陳南宏)/ Native Theatre

Event: Power Summer--Love Carnival & Joint Dance Performance of Tainan 22 High Schools (臺南22校高中職聯合七夕愛情嘉年華&聯合舞展)
Time: Jul 20 (Sat.) 15:30; Jul 21 (Sun.) 15:30 / Holiday Plaza, Tainan Cultural Center

Event: Teenager Rock & Roll Performance (搖滾開唱)
Time: Aug 10 (Sat.) 16:30; Aug 11 (Sun.) 16:30 / Holiday Plaza, Tainan Cultural Center

Event: Resonance Teenager Drama by New Vision New Voices Theatre Company (十六歲正青春藝術節─影響‧新劇場青少年劇場《共振》)
Time: Aug 16 (Fri.) 19:00; Aug 17 (Sat.) 14:00, 19:00; Aug 18 (Sun.) 14:00
/ Native Theatre, Tainan Cultural Center

Event: Youth Arts Market(十六歲正青春藝術節─ 青春市集)
Time: Aug 10 (Sat.) 14:00 to 20:30
Time: Aug 11 (Sun.) 11:00 to 18:30
Time: Aug 17 (Sat.) 14:00 to 20:30
Time: Aug 18 (Sun.) 11:00 to 18:30
/ Eastern Woods (Chongming Rd.), Tainan Cultural Center

Event: Teenager Pop Dance Performance (舞動青春)
Time: Aug 17 (Sat.) 18:30; Aug 18 (Sun.) 18:30 / Holiday Plaza, Tainan Cultural Center

Teachers Drama Workshop: Jul 10 to 11
Teenager Arts Workshop: Jul 26 to 28
Find more information on Tainan Cultural Center website: .

Posted: 2019-07-19
Source: Lu Song-ying(呂松穎), Yonghua Cultural Center Management Division
Tel: 06-2692864 ext.500