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     The Bureau is located in Yonghua Civic Center. It contains the Cultural Facilities Division, Arts Development Division, and Historic Sites Operation Division. In Minjhih Administration Center, there are Cultur...<More>
      Soulangh Cultural Park is free for admission. It opens from Tue to Sun (closed on Mon). There are 12 exhibition rooms, including permanent exhibition halls such as the Siraya Cultural Hall, Nanying Battle Arr...<More>
The Cultural Center of Wu’s Garden is free for admission. It is open 08:00-22:00 daily. It contains a Public Hall, an exhibition room in the basement and an outdoor round theater for lease. For information on lease fees or availabl...<More>
The Magistrate Residence is currently only for the use by the Bureau, and not available for lease. Art and cultural exhibitions and mini concerts will be held here in the future.<More>
Please contact Tourist Center of Jing Liao Community; a reservation is needed for a guided tour. Location: No. 75, Jingliao Village, Houbi District, Tainan City Tel: 06-6622231 Opening hour: Mon-Sun 09:00-17:00 Tourist attractions: Anc...<More>
Opening hour: from 08:30-17:30 daily; Sakam Tower from 08:30-21:30, all year round Admission: full-fare: NTD50; half-fare: NTD25 for Sakam Tower, Fort Zeelandia, Eternal Golden Castle and Anping Tree House. NTD25 for Dacheng Hall, Confuc...<More>
(A.) Group guided tour reservation Tel: +886-2991111-8482. Chinese and Taiwanese: half day: NTD1000 / full day: NTD2000 English: half day: NTD1500 / full day: NTD3000 Japanese: half day: NTD2000 / full day: NTD4000 (B.) Tourist spots...<More>
1. Tue afternoon to Sun: (08:30~12:00,13:30~17:30)(Closed on Mon, and Tue morning) 2. Free admission; a reservation for a guided tour is needed.<More>
Transportation: (I.)Take Singnan Bus in front of Tainan Train Station toward Xinhua (the route from Yujing to Tainan, via Tai-20 Highway) and disembark at the the museum bus stop. (II.)Take National Highway No. 1 toward the south. Exit a...<More>
Tourist spots in the neighborhood: Caoshan 308 Highland, Tsou-Ma-Lai Farm, Zuozhen Agricultural Specialties Center, Karma Kagyu Temple.<More>
For individual card: For a ROC national, the ID Card or driving license is required. If you are not a ROC national, the passport, ARC or exit/entry permit is reuqired. For family card: Only issued to the citizens of Tainan and the orig...<More>
Each artificts exhibition hall and gallery under Tainan Cultural Center is open from Wed-Sun; 09:00-17:00; closed on Mon and Tue. Whether or not they will be closed on holidays or the days when festivals are held will be announced in advan...<More>