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Is there any Information regarding the Jing Liao Community (where the movie Let It Be was shot) or any tourist service center near the community? Are there any recommended tourist spots in the neighborhood?

Please contact Tourist Center of Jing Liao Community; a reservation is needed for a guided tour.
Location: No. 75, Jingliao Village, Houbi District, Tainan City
Tel: 06-6622231
Opening hour: Mon-Sun 09:00-17:00
Tourist attractions: Ancestral House of Huang Family (Baroque architecture) → Jingliao Prestbyterian Church → traditional pig pen (compost area) → Dexin Temple (local religious institution) → Molin Riverbank Park → Holy Cross Church → Japanese wooden houses at Jingliao Elementary School
Century-old stores: Shengzheng Noodles → Blacksmith Shop → Xinmei Tailor → Jiancheng Lead Bucket Shop → Molin Museum → Longtai Bed Quilts Shop (a couple’s romance of spring bed quilts) → Ruirong’s Clocks and Watches → Xinqilong Photo Studio → Xinyuancheng Fabrics Shop → Jindexing Chinese Pharmaceuticals → Jiancheng Bike Store → Xinheyuan Pastry → Fengchang Merchandise (Shop of Champion Rice) → Liangmei Barbershop → Hexing Ice & Fruits