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Services and Responsibilities

*Yonghua Cultural Center Management Division:
Administrative management of cultural centers located in the disctricts to the south of the Cengwen River, Xinhua Performance Hall, and Tainan City Traditional Orchestra.

*Minjhih Cultural Center Management Division:
Administrative management of cultural centers located in the districts to the north of the Cengwen River.

*Cultural Parks Management Division:
Operation and management of Soulangh Cultural Park and Tsung-Yeh Arts and Cultural Center.

*Arts Development Division:
Visual and performance arts policy planning and enforcement; rules formulation; talent cultivation; activity planning, promotion, guidance and rewards; international culture and art exchanges; street artist guidance and database establishment; and symphony orchestra guidance and management as well as support for art performances.

*Cultural Facilities Division:
Cultural environment improvement, historical street and district preservation and rejuvenation, cultural facility construction and renovation, and the planning of relevant operation management, as well as the management and application of budgets.

*Cultural Resources Division:
Planning and enforcement of policies in regard to museums, local cultural centers and community development, as well as related guidance and management, and talent cultivation; review, coordination, guidance and rewards in regard to community development projects; management of volunteers and substitute services draftees; and cross-strait cultural and art exchange, as well as artifacts archiving and preservation.

*Historic Sites Operation Division:
Historic sites and architecture operation and management; management of outsourced operations; affairs related to cultural foundations; cultural institutions establishment, supervision and guidance; and management of volunteers for historic sites and cultural activities.

*Cultural Research Division:
Local literature research, development, preservation and promotion; talent cultivation and rewards; research and promotional programs in regard to the origins of historic sites; films on oral history; planning and implementation of the “City of Literature” project; and publication of historical accounts of past events and library management.

*Cultural and Creative Development Division:
Cultural and creative industry policy planning and enforcement, as well as rules formulation, talent cultivation and exchange; entertainment industry policy and rule formulation, marketing, activity planning and promotion, as well as support for film production.

Compiling reports in regard to administrative guidelines, planning and practice; research and evaluation of related affairs of the Secretariat; correspondence, archiving, property management, cashiers, legal system, information and affairs not under the governance of other divisions.