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Witnessing the Centennial Change of Tsung-Yeh Sugar Refinery Elena Redaelli Invites You to Step into “The Story of a Place”
Tsung-Yeh Cultural Center held a press conference for the exhibition “The Story of a Place” by its Artist-in-Residence, a Norwegian Italian artist Elena Redaelli, at Red Brick Dinning Hall on September 21th. Ms. Readaelli personally guided the tour of her artistic works and shared the creative developments for the demonstrated objects and her unique experience while working as an Artist-in-Residence in Tsung-Yeh. Numerous visitors attended and enjoyed the lively event.
Ms. Redaelli has participated in a number of Artist-in-Residence programs in Australia, Germany, South Korea, and China. She has also attended the Taipei Artist Village at Trasure Hill, Taipei; Guandu Nature Park, and Chenglong Wetland International Environmental Art Project. Among 104 applicants, she was chosen as the Artist-in-Residence by Tsung-Yeh Artist Village AIR Program in 2017 and started her residence and on-site artistic works since. With her expertise in tapestry and continuous focus on environmental issues, Ms. Redaelli constantly makes use of recycled materials or objects in the vicinity to be her creative resource, promoting her concerns on environmental sustainability. Meanwhile, she devotes herself to connect with the local community and jointly work together in creating her works.
When She first came to Tsung-Yeh, she stepped into the past glory and transformation of Tsung-Yeh with the help from the guided tour explaining the manufacturing details of sugar. A creative idea formed in her mind immediately. Ms. Redaelli invited three relevant figures of Tsung-yeh—a senior employee of the sugar factory, a local farmer, and an artist in residence. She filmed their hand gestures during regular works which symbolize the functional transformation of Tsung-yeh at different stages. The video documentation became the signature of time, depicting the journey of Tsung-yeh at different stages in history.
The large art installations displayed in the exhibition are all made with natural materials collected in the park. Ms. Redaelli is very fond of nature’s company, and Tsung-yeh has provided the unique environment for her to enjoy. She utilized the fallen branches and leaves of many different trees and bamboos in the park and weaved them into an extremely special map of Tsung-yeh.
“The Story of a Place” exhibition will be displayed until November 19th. The opening time is 9:00 to 17:00, every Wednesday to Sunday. We sincerely invite you to see through a foreign artist’s eyes and take on the journey of “The Story of a Place”.