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2015 Let’s Play─Craft & Folk Arts Learning Classes: Nanguan Music
In order to promote Nanguan music, Tainan Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage (TMACH) has held several Nanguan music concerts, which has received rave reviews since 2013. This year, TMACH is going to invite four ensembles including Tainan Nanshengshi Nanguan, Anding Putou Temple’s Nanguan Group, Wanli Cing An Temple’s Nanguan Group and Sishu Elementary School’s Nanguan Club to play in Tainan Confucius Temple.

Furthermore, Nanshengshi Nanguan was celebrating its centenary, so it is in the nick of time to appreciate a century-old ensemble playing. Nanshengshi Nanguan has worked on teaching Sishu Elementary School’s Nanguan Club the skills to play Nanguan music. Therefore, it’s honored to witness the achievement of Sishu Elementary School’s Nanguan Club, which has reached a milestone in passing down Nanguan music. Through this event, ensembles could become acquainted with one another and be widely seen by the public. TMACH noted that those who missed Nanshengshi Nanguan’s centennial anniversary in early October should seize this opportunity to be enchanted with Nanguan music and wonderful melodies.

In the coming days, TMACH will continuously and regularly hold Nanguan music concerts, which provides a public stage for ensembles and clubs to perform and a chance for people to further understand the harmony of Nanguan music so that Nanguan music could be cherished, well preserved and promoted with the purpose of extension education.

From October 24, four ensembles take turns to give performances on the following four Saturdays in Tainan Confucius Temple. Besides the live concert, there will be appreciation of Nanguan music and the display of musical instruments which the audiences are welcome to play themselves. TMACH sincerely invites citizens and tourists to Tainan Confucius Temple where the audiences can enjoy Nanguan music at a quaint atmosphere in an autumn Saturday afternoon.

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